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Health in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey is a type of tourism where foreigners visit the country for the purpose of receiving medical treatment or health services. Turkey is a destination offering high quality healthcare services, modern medical infrastructure, experienced doctors and competitive costs. Demand is high in areas such as plastic surgery, dental treatment, organ transplantation, eye treatment and cardiac surgery. Medical tourism in Turkey offers patients quality healthcare services while also providing the opportunity to explore tourist attractions.
In Turkey, you can access many different health services within the scope of health tourism. Here are some common health services: 1. Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery: Procedures such as aesthetic surgeries, facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction are provided. 2. Dentistry: A variety of dentistry services are offered, such as dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bridges and other dental aesthetic procedures. 3. Eye Health: Eye health services such as eye examinations, cataract surgery, laser eye surgeries are provided. 4. IVF Treatment: Assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF treatment are offered to address reproductive health issues. 5. Cardiovascular Surgery: Cardiovascular surgery services such as coronary angiography, bypass surgery, heart valve surgery are provided. 6. Orthopedic Surgery: Treatments for orthopedic problems such as joint replacement, knee or shoulder surgery are provided. 7. Oncology (Cancer Treatment): Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery and other cancer-related treatments are provided. 8. Organ Transplantation: Organ transplants in Turkey are performed for various organs such as kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. These are just a few examples of the wide range of health services offered in Turkey as part of health tourism. For each health service, specialized doctors and modern medical technologies are used. According to your needs, you can access your preferred healthcare service.
For pricing, your medical reports should be sent to us and our expert staff will give you the best price for your treatment fee and necessary expenses.
Yes, generally a visa is required for medical tourism to Turkey. However, visa exemption or facilitated visa procedures may apply to some countries. Visa requirements may vary depending on the country and your citizenship status. If you are planning to do medical tourism to Turkey, it is important to inquire about the current visa requirements from Turkey's official consulates or embassies.
Health tourism services in Turkey are generally available in Turkish, English, French and Arabic.
Doctors and medical staff in Turkey generally have a high level of experience. Turkey is a country with a long tradition of medical education and training. Many doctors have trained at internationally recognized and respected universities. In addition, healthcare organizations in Turkey place importance on employing experienced and specialized medical staff. Doctors often have experience in their specialties and have participated in specialized training and continuing professional development programs. Medical staff in Turkey follow medical practices in line with international standards and have up-to-date medical knowledge and skills.
In Turkey, you can access many different health services within the scope of health tourism. Here are some common health services: Healthcare facilities in Turkey have high quality standards. Accreditations and international certifications show that the facilities comply with quality and safety standards. Advanced technological infrastructure is found in the facilities, which are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and devices. Experienced doctors and specialized medical staff work to provide high quality healthcare. The health sector is regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Health. These regulations ensure that healthcare facilities meet certain standards. Healthcare facilities in Turkey offer reliable and quality healthcare services.

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